Upside Down World

Our world is literally upside down in every aspect of our reality.  For Example.. stress and the flight or fight response.  The flight and fight response was design for physical greatness.  We’ve always heard the story about Men confronting dangerous circumstances and needing the capacity, energy, and focus to either fight or run away.   That’s why the body produces adrenaline to increase strength/performance, speed up the heart beat, heighten senses, increase blood flow, break down the glycogen into glucose for instant energy, trigger blood vessels for blood flow to major muscles, contracts cells below the surface of skin to stimulate perspiration.   This is all done to prepare the body to do something super natural.  Unfortunately our body expression is exactly the opposite of what the energy is intended for.  Like I said our world is upside down.  We take all of this wonderful energy designed to do great things and we literally just sit on it.  But the energy is never wasted.   The excess unused energy transforms to fat.  The alertness stays in our system and keeps our sympathetic nervous system alive which prevents us from resting, digesting, and healing.  Treating the body like this on a continuous basis causes anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, high blood pressure, and other health issues.
  • At Breathe Infinity, we flip the scrip and use the body to Cultivate stress back into Energy so the mind can release, relax, let go, and… exhale.

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