Pushing Cali Out

Homelessness is a statewide problem in which every citizen is effected by the growing epidemic.  California is not only is the state with the highest number of homeless citizens in the nation but there are more homeless people in California than Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,  Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri combined. 

To combat the consistent growth of homelessness, it appears California is orchestrating a policy to encourage their citizens to move out of California altogether by making California one of the most expensive places to live.  According to World Population Review, California is the 4th most expensive state in the nation.   California is the most expensive state to rent, According to a report 2023 by Earnest.com, with an average rent of $1,901, outpacing the runner-up, Hawaii, by nearly $200.  California also has the highest sales tax,  the highest taxes for gasoline, and the 5th highest State for corporate taxes.   

To make matters worse, many businesses are also leaving California.  A new study, commissioned by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce  mentioned that “The Golden State’s luster appears tarnished in recent years as a seemingly endless stream of firms are leaving the state….citing high taxation, heavy regulation, and anything but a business-friendly environment.   Furthermore, well known companies like Allstate and State Farms are no longer accepting new policies thereby causing many Home Owner Policies  to double.   



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