One of the most effective techniques in Propaganda is diversion.  It’s similar to how Magicians prey on the idea that people cannot simultaneously focus their attention on multiple tasks so they develop techniques that most effectively divert attention away from the obvious.  Case in point are the recent discussions about Kyrie Irvin and his stance on rejecting the covid-19 vaccine and possibly forging $34 million and the Jon Gruden emails where he expresses his disdain for Africans, Homosexuals, and people in general.    These topics have monopolized the air waves and have gain so much attention that we have completely ignored what’s been taking place with Covid-19 and the NFL.

Even though Cam Newton is now vaccinated and waiting to decide which team he wants to play for(his words, not mine), we have moved on and forgotten about Cam Newton.  We assumed that since 94% of the NFL players and 99% of the NFL personal are vaccinated, we don’t have to pay attention to the Covid-19 problems the NFL is experiencing.  That’s because we keep listening to the spin being done by NFL Network’s Judy Battista when she says heading into week 7 “the NFL has had relatively few issues with covid-19.”   It becomes obvious that we are being lied too.  

In 2021, the NFL has had 5 major outbreaks, mostly with NFL personal, who are 99% vaccinated.  During the pre-season there was an outbreak in Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Dallas.  The Buccaneers, who are 100% vaccinated have had 8 players on the covid-19 injured list.  The Colts had close to a dozen players on the Covid-19 list as well as their head coach, Frank Reich.  The Titans had 4 coaches, including their head coach Mike Vrabel, as well as a dozen players on the covid-19 injured list.   And the Cowboys had their ALL-Pro lineman Zack Martin as well as their Offensive Coordinator Dan Quinn go on the Covid-19 list two days before season started with the NFL kickoff classic.   

In fact the entire league has had more players and personal on the Covid-19 injured list in 2021 than in 2020.  From Aug 1st 2020-Oct 17th 2020, 450,000 test were taken and only 47 players and 71 personnel tested positive for Covid-19.  However, in 2021, 94,500 tests were taken and 83 players and 161 personnel tested positive for covid-19.   That’s a 76% increase for NFL players and 126% increase for NFL personal who tested positive for Covid -19 in 2021 compared to 2020.

So we can safely say Bill Belichick was right when he said “a pretty high number” of vaccinated players, coaches, and staff members have still tested positive for the virus.”  But we allowed the voice of NFL chief medical Officer Dr Allen Sills to override Belichick’s voice of reason when he said “The incidence rate among unvaccinated positive tests was seven times higher, 2.2%, compared to vaccinated positive cases — 0.3%.”  We at 1STREAM.TV discussed how misleading Dr Sills comments were in September and we continue to bring light to the misleading information the NFL Propaganda machine as well as the overall propaganda techniques being orchestrated by our society.  

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