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(1)STREAM is an 8 to 10 sec animation on (2) LED Window Displays.

Billboards have long been seen as a cost-effective option of positioning your brand in front of thousands of potential consumers within a local region.  As most of the advertising landscape has shifted increasingly online, billboard technology has followed suit. Thanks to innovations in LED technology and automation software, digital billboards have become a popular, low-cost method to advertise your brand.

Our displays, located at the world famous Centinela Turn, are not only displayed in the entertainment capital of Inglewood/CA: home to SoFi STADIUM (RAMS, CHARGERS) YOUTUBE THEATER, INTUIT DOME(CLIPPERS), THE FORUM, and HOLLYWOOD PARK CASINO, but have a monthly traffic volume of over 900,000 drivers.

Databeat reports that digital displays are up to 400% more effective than standard, static billboards. The same study found that they not only capture attention faster with moving images but are more memorable than traditional advertisement.   

Digital billboards are programmed to cycle through different ads at different intervals, making the setup costs lower than alternative advertisements.  

Furthermore, It’s important that your ad(s) are placed in high-traffic areas that not only targets your audience but can be seen from a 1/2 mile away. 

(1)STREAM is an 8 to 10 sec animation on (2) LED Window Displays.


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