Author name: Michael Norville

Judge Archuleta

https://vimeo.com/917435242?share=copy For the last three years, George Gascón has implemented policies that have made communities across Los Angeles County more dangerous. That needs to change, and it will only change with a District Attorney who has the experience to do the job and the ability to defeat George Gascón. I know I am that person

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Make Me Laugh Monday’s Ep9

https://vimeo.com/848133041?share=copy Featuring Dwight the Barber and Ronald Cole, Make Me Laugh Mondays hosts live comedians, from all around the globe,  performing on stage while capturing insightful interviews from them as well.  This weeks guest include standup comedians Rob G, Toni Taylor, Starla Heinz, Amaricia Hawkins, Cal Jordan, and Bo Hawkins. https://vimeo.com/904848374?share=copy

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Pushing Cali Out

https://vimeo.com/904002504?share=copy Homelessness is a statewide problem in which every citizen is effected by the growing epidemic.  California is not only is the state with the highest number of homeless citizens in the nation but there are more homeless people in California than Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, 

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